Raising A Drug-Free Family

Every year thousands of children are injured or killed in auto accidents and acts of violence that are directly linked to the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Every parent, myself included, must deal with the challenge of keeping a balance between what is best for your children and what is potentially dangerous. Common sense says that no parent wants their children to become drug addicts. Every parent wants what is best for their children… the best education, the best friends, the best environment, and the best health care…

No parent wants to stand by and watch their children suffer with symptoms of any kind so common sense says that if there are symptoms we want help to alleviate them as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Common sense should also tell us that symptoms are a result of an underlying problem. Kids just don’t get sick for no reason, there has to be a reason. The problem is that because the drugs that are taken to make us feel better usually just cover up the symptoms so that many times the real problem is also covered up and ignored. This is a problem that starts very early in a child’s life and it often turns into a vicious cycle as the child grows.

Any time symptoms appear, it means that there is a malfunction in the body somewhere. When a baby gets an ear infection, does that mean there is a lack of antibiotics in the body? When a child has a headache, does that mean there is a lack of aspirin in the body? When someone has a backache, does that mean there is a lack of pills in the body? When someone has heartburn, does that mean there is a lack of Rolaids in the body?

This is where the balance between right and dangerous comes in. Right to want to help our children… Dangerous to give them drugs that are proven to be ineffective and even harmful. Dangerous because of the message we are sending our children from birth is that if they have any symptoms at all, then take a drug…


take a drug


take a drug


take a drug

Depressed …………...

take a drug


take a drug

Can’t sleep....................

take a drug

Can’t wake up...............

take a drug

We are teaching our children to become a society of “drug addicts”, instead of trying to find the cause of the problem.

Common sense tells us that we should be focusing more on the cause of the problem. Common sense tells us that the problem is a malfunction. Common sense tells us that any malfunction is the result of interference and the most common interference is Vertebral Subluxation. A Vertebral Subluxation is an interference in communication between the messages from the brain to the body. If these messages don’t get through properly, then common sense tells us there is going to be malfunction.

You can stop this quick fix, chemical dependency. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ALREADY HAVE! Last year Americans made over 100 million more visits to holistic doctors than they did to medical doctors because people everywhere are tired of taking pills and are concerned about their horrible side effects. Almost every person you talk to today has a horror story about a severe drug reaction.

People today have more of a wellness consciousness. They are moving away from drugs and crisis care, they are taking responsibility for their own health and becoming active participants. They know that the human body has an incredible inborn power that heals itself. They are demanding more information on how to build the body’s immune system for long term health benefits rather than constant crisis care. Chiropractic has led the way for these people by providing incredible results, information and scientific validation on how to restore and maintain the body to optimum health. There is quite a difference in the message our kids are receiving from the old medical “crisis care” approach and the current Chiropractic Wellness Care approach. The old belief says “I’m sorry you feel bad, but your body doesn’t have the capability to be healthy and you do not have the ability to feel good unless you take this drug.” The new belief is, “Your body has the ability to express perfection in health and in healing as long as there is no interference to its normal function. If you keep your body free from interference, it will heal quicker and stay healthier.” In this new belief system, kids grow up believing in themselves, feel more empowered and are independent of drugs. Families that come into our office for Wellness Care are teaching a value system that supports being drug free. Their children truly understand that they are important and their well being is a priority. .

Give yourself and your family every opportunity to live the healthiest life possible - a drug free life! Empower them to believe in their own inner strength and healing capacity. Make the commitment to family health and wellness. Come and bring a Friend to the next New Patient Orientation, Tuesday Night at 6:00 PM

As drug companies search for the ultimate pill and even tinker with our genetic code, remember these simple FACTS:

1. Your brain and nerve system control everything in your body.

2. Nerve system compromise can cause ill health.

3. Doctors cannot heal, only you an do that.

4. The best doctor removes barriers to your healing ability.

5. That is the purpose and the power of Chiropractic.