De Saro Chiropractic Center is an Out of Network Provider with all insurances, except Medicare (65 and older). We will attempt to utilize your insurance if you chose to do so based upon your policy, otherwise, please expect the fees listed below. 

Chiropractic Care - 

Initial Exam ($95) - First Chiropractic evaluation, Xrays if necessary, Exam and Adjustment. This service is for NEW patients to our office or those that have not been in the office for more than 12 months. 

Report of Findings ($40) - The visit immediately follows the Initial Exam, will include the a consult of the doctor's findings, recommendations and adjustment. 

Re-Evaluation ($50) - For all patients who have not visited the office in more than 6 months, or have had an accident or injury since their last visit

Chiropractic Adjustments ($40) - Adjustment performed by our Docs, based upon a per visit fee, discounts and plans available upon request.

(please call the office if there are any questions regarding our fees for Chiropractic Care)

Other Services

Massage Therapy -

          30 Minutes - $40

          60 Minutes - $80