Traumatic Birth Syndrome

The subject of Traumatic Birth Syndrome is one that few people want to talk about. Most people believe that their child could not have been the victim of TBS. Unfortunately, overwhelming research shows a much different view.

Research by Dr. G. Gutmann shows that over 80% of all newborns are the victim of spinal cord and neck injuries (TBS) causing all types of health problems.

Traumatic Birth Syndrome is not a new problem. Research by Dr. J.M. Duncan in 1874 showed that the average amount of force on the baby’s neck during the birth process is 90 to 120 pounds, which is enough to cause a still birth.  Any less than 90 pounds of force can cause major spinal damage.

The research of Dr. Abraham Towbin from Harvard Medical School revealed, “The birth process, even under optimal conditions, is potentially a traumatic and crippling event for the baby. Injuries to the spinal cord and brain stem often occur during the birth process and frequently escape diagnosis or detection. Death may occur during delivery or, with respiratory depression, a short time after birth (SIDS). Infants who survive the initial effects may be left with severe nerve system damage.”

What about all the babies who suffered TBS and don’t show immediate signs or symptoms? Traumatic Birth Syndrome interferes with a baby’s potential to express itself completely as a human being.

In many cases of TBS, signs, symptoms, and diseases do not appear until later in life.

Injuries to the neck caused by TBS often involve the brain stem and result in the alteration and distortion of all the vital functions of the body. All this can occur with or without obvious symptoms.

Would you rather check and adjust a newborn baby to determine if they have the Vertebral Subluxation Complex, than have an autopsy done to determine their cause of death. We would much rather check and adjust a newborn baby and keep them healthy than wait 25 years and learn learn they have cancer or gall bladder disease in areas where their nerve system had been damaged and compromised since birth.

So don’t be fooled if your medical doctor says your baby is fine. Medical doctors have little or no training with TBS, and no training in the detection and correction of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Chiropractors, on the other hand, have been detecting and correcting TBS and VSC for over 100 years with a simple and gentle exam. All children should be checked by a Chiropractor immediately after birth. You as parents owe it to your children to take this critical step and ensure that they are as healthy as they were designed to be.